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Volume visualization of results in brain perfusion

In syngo Volume Perfusion CT Neuro (VPCT) you can draw a volume of interest (VOI) to visualize the Time Attenuation Curve (TAC) and obtain quantitative results in order to discriminate between healthy and infected areas of the brain.
A VOI is the 3D correspondent to a ROI.
Click on the icon Freehand VOI (marked in red on the image).
Draw the first contour in the axial plane where the lesion is the widest.
Then repeat this on the coronal and sagittal plane.
In one orientation you can define your contour in other slices, if desired.
Finish by releasing the Freehand VOI icon and the TAC and quantitative values are displayed.
Further information about the syngo VPCT Neuro and other clinical applications can be found at

Date: May 25, 2010

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