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FAST – high efficiency and high quality care

Committed to continuous innovation, SOMATOM® Emotion now runs with the award winning FAST CARE1 technology, providing new features such as FAST Planning and FAST Spine.

From exam set-up to image acquisition and processing, you will experience outstanding efficiency in delivering high quality clinical outcomes.

Fast – with more efficient procedures
FAST Planning facilitates immediate, organ-based setting of scan and recon ranges aiming for a safer, faster and more standardized workflow at the scanner.
FAST Planning uses defined landmarks to set the correct range thus defining the optimum range for scan settings and avoiding cut-offs or over radiation.

Fast – more time to take better care of patients
With FAST Spine, your time-critical spine examinations now benefit from high diagnostic image quality, delivered with just a single click.
FAST Spine delivers high efficiency in neurological CT and trauma imaging.

Fast – for increased patient throughput
WorkStream4D virtually eliminates the need for manual reconstruction steps. Oblique and double-oblique reconstructions are immediately available, enabling faster examinations and eliminating traditional processing methods with a 3D task card.
WorkStream4D and iterative reconstruction technology are combinable in the SOMATOM Emotion offering the best of both worlds - workflow enhancement and standardized dose reduction.

Famous – great reputation and great value

From the imaging market leader, SOMATOM Emotion is installed at at nearly 9,000 institutes around the world - and it is running and running. Famous due to its great versatility and high performance, it is both a success story and great value for money.

Famous because it fits everywhere
Due to its very small footprint, the scanner fits into rooms that are often too small for other CT scanners.
SOMATOM Emotion is very compact and offers excellent access to your patient through one of industry's slimmest gantries.

Famous because it runs all the time
The newly designed and high-quality construction of SOMATOM Emotion provides uninterrupted patient care and excellent reliability, therefore increasing your financial returns through maximum uptime. This scanner has also the potential to save you additional money with a lower requirement for preventive maintenance, meaning greater uptime and higher productivity.

Famous for its clinical outcomes
Bringing cutting-edge imaging applications into daily clinical routine, SOMATOM Emotion meets all clinical requirements. Well proven in oncology, neurology, vascular or emergency scanning, this scanner delivers impressive clinical images with the right dose levels.

Famous in our customers’ own words
“It’s a robust clinical whole body CT scanner, with a very good price – quality balance, which is a really workhorse in daily clinical routine.”

Dr. Tom Mulkens,
H. Hart Hospital, Lier, Belgium

Fabulous – leading image quality and leading dose technology

With SOMATOM Emotion, you get leading image quality. It delivers a very small focal spot and thus outstanding routine spatial resolution.

Innovative dose-saving features such as IRIS, CARE Dose4D, and DoseMAP combine the great image quality at significantly reduced dose. Simply fabulous for patients.

Fabulous for its leading image quality
SOMATOM Emotion provides you more detailed images with the clarity and sharpness required for accurate diagnoses.
SOMATOM Emotion offers exceptional routine spatial resolution and high resolution with a very small focal spot.


Fabulous regardless of pitch
Forget about compromises in your clinical workflow. SureView™ – a dedicated spiral image reconstruction algorithm - allows the CT scanner to automatically select the necessary pitch value to achieve the coverage and scan time defined by the user, while keeping selected slice thickness and image quality.
It enables you to scan at high speed with high pitch settings and obtain superb, sub-mm lung scans without reduced axial image quality.

Fabulous at the right dose with IRIS
The latest step towards achieving an increased efficient dose reduction while maintaining excellent image quality with SOMATOM Emotion is IRIS – Iterative Reconstruction in Image Space. IRIS reconstructs a so-called master dataset out of the raw data while performing correction loops in image space to enhance spatial resolution and to reduce image noise, thus allowing additional dose reduction or image quality improvement. All this happens in multiple iterative steps with fast reconstruction times, making this application routine for all your exams.

Fabulous at the right dose with DoseMAP
SOMATOM Emotion also offers DoseMAP – the Siemens CT Dose Manage Program. DoseMAP consists of three parts that combine to deliver a complete and comprehensive dose management:
Report Dose – Create transparency and document dose values.
Protect Dose – Manage access to protocols and potentially protect patients from over-radiation.
Analyze Dose – Assess the dose situation with CARE Analytics for monitoring the dose over time.

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