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CentraLink Data Management System

Driving laboratory workflows to enhance patient care

Maximize Quality and Efficiency across Your Automated Laboratory

Intelligently manage Aptio™ Automation and VersaCell® Advanced Robotic Solutions, guiding workflow from preanalytics to reflex testing, reruns, delta check, instrument flags, and quality control (QC).

Manage Workflow across Disciplines

Customize workflow to reduce the number of steps from accession to test results. Drive consistency with preset rules. Integrate preanalytical and postanalytical processes to optimize workflow across multiple disciplines of the core lab: clinical chemistry, immunology, hematology, and coagulation.

Track Workflow and Proactively Troubleshoot with Real-time Dashboard

Gain ready access to the information you need. View key indicators including sample status and critical tests. Visual cues highlight items requiring attention and the level of urgency.

Autoverification to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Errors

Utilize autoverification rules to define consistent review criteria and ensure quality results with minimal human intervention.

Integrated Quality Control

Monitor QC continuously. Information specific to reagent lot and analyzer is readily available. Redirect samples as needed to ensure uninterrupted workflow while reducing reagent use and saving time.

Optimize Hematology Workflow

The new Advanced Hematology Module offers ease of use, visibility of critical data with flexible DIFF pad, centralized hematology-specific review-and-edit screen, and one-click integration of CellaVision® images for paperless workflow.

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