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Introducing the Atellica Portfolio of Laboratory Products

Engineered by Siemens Healthineers to deliver control and simplicity so you can drive better outcomes.

Tighter control of your lab, simplified workflow, and more time to focus on driving better business and clinical outcomes—that’s the promise of our Atellica™ portfolio of laboratory products.

Control. Simplicity. Better Outcomes.


Atellica Portfolio of Laboratory Products

Atellica Solution

Flexible, Scalable, Automation-ready Immunoassay and Clinical Chemistry Analyzers1
Unleash the power of your lab with the Atellica™ Solution, featuring patented bidirectional magnetic sample-transport technology that is 10 times faster than conventional conveyors1 and over 300 customizable configurations.1  

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1 Products are under FDA review. Not available for sale. Any features listed are part of the development design goals. Future availability cannot be guaranteed.

2 Product availability may vary from country to country and is subject to varying regulatory requirements. Please contact your local representative for availability.

3 Instruments require VNC or Remote Desktop capability. Not available on all systems.

4 Not available for sale in the U.S. Product availability varies by country.

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